Netflix wants to make it easier for users to stream TV shows and films on their phones, while flying.

The company is planning to partner with airlines, as part of an initiative that should result in improved in-flight Wi-Fi.

This could eventually lead to more and more airlines offering free or cheap onboard Wi-Fi access to passengers. 

According to a report in Variety, Netflix will offer its bandwidth-efficient mobile streaming technology to airline carriers “across the globe”, from 2018. 

The company revealed the plans at APEX Expo 2017 this week, and says its technology will enable passengers to watch Netflix on their handsets in high quality. 

It also says it could help airline companies save up to 75 per cent in bandwidth costs.

Netflix finally introduced downloads for offline viewing last year, enabling millions of users to stay entertained when they don’t have internet access.

It’s particularly popular with airline passengers, most of whom simply don’t want to shell out for expensive in-flight W-Fi. 

However, streaming has clear benefits over downloads.

Not all of Netflix’s content is actually available for offline viewing, and it’s easy to forget to download a show or film before taking off, especially if you’ve been rushing to or through the airport ahead of your flight.

If company’s plan takes off, it should also help the company attract even more subscribers.