Facebook has stopped working – but only for some users.

Many people are encountering an error page when they try and log on. “Sorry, something went wrong,” the message reads, and won’t let them on.

But a number of other users are still able to get online. It’s not clear what’s deciding whether it works or not.

Most of the reports of problems came from the UK and Europe. But that might simply be because timezones mean that people on other continents are more likely to be asleep or not posting about the problems.

The problems don’t appear to be restricted to the normal website. Users of Facebook’s Business Manager – a special version of the website used to run big pages and ads – also reported problems getting online.

There also appeared to be problems getting onto Facebook’s own status page for developers, which would normally say whether the site was online or not and what the cause of any problems was. That page just showed the same “something went wrong” error.